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Sterling Home Staging Services

Let us tell you how we work!

Sterling Home Staging offers consultation and complete staging services for the real estate market,
including occupied and vacant properties.



This phase involves meeting with the home owner(s) and/or real estate agent and reviewing the property inside and out. An extensive, detailed report is prepared listing everything the homeowner should do to stage the home, room by room and outside the home. When the work is complete, a Sterling Home Staging professional will revisit the home, make any final changes and certify that the house is staged. The consultation fee is $75 - $150. Please allow 1- 2 hours depending on the size of the property.


Staging Services

The Sterling Home Staging team completes the entire staging process based on the consultation report presented to the homeowner and/or real estate agent. Areas may be selected so the homeowner(s) can choose as much or as little as he or she wants to be staged by Sterling Home Staging. A flat fee is determined by the estimated time, additional labor, furniture and/or accessory rental, if needed. Most homes are staged in one day!


New Home and Vacant Home Staging Services

Sterling Home Staging offers complete installation of furniture and accessories for the entire house or specific rooms of new or vacant houses. Sterling Home Staging coordinates the setup and removal of the furniture and accessories and use the best quality furnishings at the most affordable price. Fees vary based on need.


Sterling Home Staging Before and After Pics














Sterling Home Staging Before and After Pics














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